Disable your Java browser plugins

I like Java. I enjoy programming in it. As a browser language, however, it's a security nightmare. With exploits like flashback, you should be careful about running Java in your browser.

Test my browser

If your browser is running Java, you're at risk. Go to a test page and compare what you see with the images below:

I am protected

java disabled java disabled java disabled

Oh god the viruses

java enabled


If you use Chrome, you're probably got asked a question:

chrome popup

If you saw that, you're safe. Feel free to click Run this time on a trusted website, like your bank. Stay away from that button if it pops up when you're trolling around lolcats.haxors.ru though.

If that yellow bar didn't pop up in Chrome, and your browser just showed the "...can indeed run Java...":

  • open a new tab
  • go to chrome://plugins (just copy-paste that into the address bar)
  • find the row marked Java
  • make sure "Always allowed" is unchecked

chrome plugin


If Firefox displayed the "...can indeed run Java...":

  • Press Ctrl + Shift + A (Windows) or Command + Shift + A (Mac)
  • Go to Plugins
  • Disable the "Java Deployment Toolkit" and "Java(TM) Platform" plugins